Soulful sounds to satiate your auditory palette

Saranaide is an accomplished group of talented musicians based in Buffalo, NY. With a self-titled EP released in September 2016 written by leader Sara Rodriguez, you can hear Sara's voice echoes the vitality of the moment with an unforgettable soulful sweetness. Inspired by soul, jazz, and world music, Saranaide brings a sound that is sure to inspire. 

Sara Rodriguez is the face of Saranaide. She is an accomplished singer and musician who brings a soulful beauty to anything she does. She began her musical journey learning the piano at the age of 4. She picked up the flute in grade school and played in various ensembles and bands throughout her life. Her musicality sparked her interest in teaching herself guitar (and later ukulele) for church services, where she spent most of her youth building the foundation for her practice. Along with being the leader and principal songwriter of Saranaide, she sings with the Buffalo Afrobeat Orchestra as well. Sara is also passionate about her work as a birth doula and yoga instructor.


Griffin Brady has a Master of Arts degree from Goddard College with a focus in Ethnomusicology and Music Pedagogy.  His masters thesis and adjoining musical method book were inspired by his work as a touring musician and educator with groups such as the SAAKUMU Dance Troupe of Ghana, West Africa. He serves as the director of the Slyboots Drum Ensemble and Slyboots Circus and has performed with a wide variety of artists.


Andrew Moore began his path of music at age 6; first on the piano, but he quickly spread himself across the viola, trumpet, guitar, and bass. He has been studying the bass (both upright and electric) since age 12 while performing in a variety of jazz bands, orchestras, and Youth Symphonies along the way. With a strong background in Classical and Jazz he completed his degree at SUNY Fredonia studying Music Composition and Music Business. 


Jon LoRusso has been playing and experimenting with Guitar and Piano since the mid 90's. With an interest in all genres and styles Jon has been quoted saying, "There is no such thing as genres, it is all a state of mind, there is only good music or bad music". Some notable bands he has played in include Baby Beast, Marcus Very Ordinary, Wadsworth, Ibis, and Mother's Best Medicine. Jon is also currently playing guitar in Sexy Rock Band.

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Photography by AlanAdetolArts LLC